Bible verse of the day

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Let nothing steal your joy! 

   On Sunday, all of the kids were in the middle of the floor doing a coloring activity, except one little boy. He didn’t want to color. Instead, he asked if he could play with the kitchen set and cook me breakfast. I said, “Yes! I want pancakes and sausages.” While he was preparing my breakfast, a little girl came alongside him and started picking up some of the food items he had sitting on the stove. Immediately, he told her, “NO!” … Read More>>


Do what is right despite the cost! 

   Yesterday, I went to get king cakes for my family. When I arrived back at work, I looked at the receipt and noticed that I mistakenly was not charged for one of the king cakes. I was already over on time for my lunch so I was not going all the way back out there to pay for one cake… but I wrestled with that decision ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. It was as if I was a character in a cartoon, where the scene played on the screen over and over … Read More>>


Clean your inner beauty

I took a lot of time to get ready. I got up early to curl my hair so it was freshly done. I had my clothes picked out. I had on new shoes and a cute new vest. When I went out, I received many compliments and I felt really good! But when I came back home and started getting undressed, my feelings changed. Yea, my outfit looked good on the outside because a lot of things were hidden. Underneath my boots were pants that had shrunk from over washing … Read More>>

Dealing with disappointments!

Dealing with disappointments!

In life, there will be moments when we will have to deal with disappointments. Whether it is an illness, loss of job, the death of a loved one, a failed dream, or a broken relationship, there are certain to be moments in our life where we feel as though we failed. But in these moments we can turn to God to help see us through. Move forward in obedience Nothing shows us this better than the life of Ruth, which is recorded in the Bible.  The book … Read More>>

No backup plan with God needed!

No backup plan with God needed!

  When the Israelites were traveling in the wilderness, God made a promise to them. He promised to send down food from heaven six days a week. He told them to only gather enough food for each day, nothing extra - except the day before the Sabbath. Only on that day, they were allowed to store up two days’ worth of food.  Unfortunately, some of them were disobedient, didn’t fully trust God and they gathered extra food on the days they were … Read More>>