Bible verse of the day

By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.


Here is a great way to pray -  The PRAYER CODE P - Praise God (Psalm 18:1-3) You should start your worship with praise and thank God for all the great things He has done. R- Repent (Psalm 51:10) Ask God to create you a clean heart and renew a rightful spirit within you. Request that God opens your eyes and search your heart so that you will not be ignorant to what displeases Him.   A - Ask (John 14:13-14) Ask God for your … Read More>>

Focus on God not your problems!!

Two months ago, my doctor scheduled me for a routine ultrasound. At the end of the ultrasound, I was asked to come back in four weeks for a follow up scan because my baby was measuring small. When I arrived back at work, out of the ordinary, my supervisor asked me how my appointment went. I’m sure she could hear the disappointment in my voice as I told her what happened. After her and I talked for a few moments, I ended our conversation saying, … Read More>>

Let nothing steal your joy! 

   On Sunday, all of the kids were in the middle of the floor doing a coloring activity, except one little boy. He didn’t want to color. Instead, he asked if he could play with the kitchen set and cook me breakfast. I said, “Yes! I want pancakes and sausages.” While he was preparing my breakfast, a little girl came alongside him and started picking up some of the food items he had sitting on the stove. Immediately, he told her, “NO!” … Read More>>

Do what is right despite the cost! 

   Yesterday, I went to get king cakes for my family. When I arrived back at work, I looked at the receipt and noticed that I mistakenly was not charged for one of the king cakes. I was already over on time for my lunch so I was not going all the way back out there to pay for one cake… but I wrestled with that decision ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. It was as if I was a character in a cartoon, where the scene played on the screen over and over … Read More>>

Clean your inner beauty

I took a lot of time to get ready. I got up early to curl my hair so it was freshly done. I had my clothes picked out. I had on new shoes and a cute new vest. When I went out, I received many compliments and I felt really good! But when I came back home and started getting undressed, my feelings changed. Yea, my outfit looked good on the outside because a lot of things were hidden. Underneath my boots were pants that had shrunk from over washing … Read More>>