Bible verse of the day

Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.
Please God, not man!nj

Please God, not man! 

In an interview, a famous actress was asked how she achieved her huge success in a recent film. She said, “I am a people pleaser. I was just so desperate to please everyone – please both my parents, do really well on the film and please my acting school…. sadly, sometimes I felt like I was being ripped into five pieces.” People pleasing is popular. We all want to be loved, liked and accepted so we often find ourselves doing things to make … Read More>>


Speak back to your fears!

                          I want to remind you to speak back to your fears! Recently, my 3 year old nephew started a brand new school.  This school is quite different from his familiar territory - a nursery - and he has moved to “big boy” school.  Along with this move came a new set of challenges - one being to overcome his fear to walk up … Read More>>


God’s peace overcomes life’s problems 

   On his office door he has this sign: “I HAVE NO DESIRE FOR ANY PROBLEMS. I CHOOSE TO WALK AWAY FROM IT ALL BECAUSE I JUST WANT PEACE.” Many people laugh when they see this sign on Bob’s door but the truth is deep down inside, peace is what most of us long for. However, the problem is that we look for peace in people, places and things but peace is not obtained by simply avoiding people, an argument or anything else. Real peace only … Read More>>

Do it afraid nj

Do it afraid!

  Recently, I had a conversation with my student.  She wanted to know how I started doing some of the things I am doing these days.  I told her about some of my first moments on television and how nervous I was.  Astonished, she couldn’t believe it!  I stated not only was I super nervous, but I was also so afraid! … Read More>>

Your pace or His nj

Your pace or HIs?

                      As I looked in the mirror in the early a.m., the words, “Your pace or mine,” which was printed on my Nike t-shirt had another meaning to me.  The night before, I was simply exhausted.  My life had been moving so fast, I can honestly say it felt like I was running on empty. While there is no excuse to run on empty, I hid behind my … Read More>>