Dealing with disappointments!

Dealing with disappointments!

In life, there will be moments when we will have to deal with disappointments. Whether it is an illness, loss of job, the death of a loved one, a failed dream, or a broken relationship, there are certain to be moments in our life where we feel as though we failed. But in these moments we can turn to God to help see us through.

Move forward in obedience

Nothing shows us this better than the life of Ruth, which is recorded in the Bible.  The book tells us that she was dealt a few disappointments with the death of her husband, brother and father-in-law.  She now found herself left alone with only her mother-in-law, Naomi by her side. And while she was given the opportunity by Naomi to simply return to her past, she made a bold commitment of obedience to move forward in faith and claimed God as her God despite the difficult time!

She kept going

Despite her disappointments, she never gave up.  She simply kept going. While she could have waddled in her misery and had pity on herself, in Ruth 2:3Ruth 2:3
English: Contemporary English Version (1999) - CEV

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, she got busy and got to work. Because of her faithfulness to move forward, God rewarded her work.  The Bible tells us that she “so happen” to meet Boaz, who later became her husband.  Just imagined if she simply gave up!  She would have missed a great opportunity!

Let God take care

While there will be moments where we must do our part, there are certain to be moments where we have to give it all to God!  When Boaz started to provide for Ruth and develop a relationship with her, Naomi instructed her to simply be still and let Boaz finish what he had started.  Of course, Ruth could have rushed things or try to handle it on her own, but she took the advice of her mother in law, which led to victory in the end.

Sometimes when we are facing disappointments, God will tell us to be still!  Psalm 46:10Psalm 46:10
English: Contemporary English Version (1999) - CEV

10 Our God says, “Calm down, and learn that I am God! All nations on earth will honor me.”

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reminds us to “be still and know that I am God!”  For this reason, we must let God be God!

Victory awaits

When we decide to be obedient, keep going, let go and let God, it is then we will see the victory. Ruth’s reward for following God’s plan for handling disappointments not only gave her a major breakthrough, but it also allowed her to become a part of the bloodline of Jesus Christ!

So what about you? Have you faced a disappointment and you’re not sure how to handle it?  Know that the way you react is essential.  While I know life can be hard sometimes, stay prayed up!  Be obedient, do His work and let God take care of the rest!

Know that God is waiting on you!

– Kemberley Washington, CPA


  1. Darlene J Edwards says

    So much truth in this…be still so we can see where God (who is able and willing) is at work in our lives. Amen!

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