Let nothing steal your joy! 

On Sunday, all of the kids were in the middle of the floor doing a coloring activity, except one little boy. He didn’t want to color. Instead, he asked if he could play with the kitchen set and cook me breakfast. I said, “Yes! I want pancakes and sausages.” While he was preparing my breakfast, a little girl came alongside him and started picking up some of the food items he had sitting on the stove. Immediately, he told her, “NO!” and grabbed the items out of her hand. She ran over to tell me that he didn’t want to play with her. Before I could call his name, he came to me and said, “But Ms. Crystal. I was playing in the kitchen BY MYSELF. Now she wants to come by me. I was happy by myself… now, she made me sad.” 

We, as believers must never forget that we have an enemy and his primary objective is to steal our joy. He uses people and situations to cause us pain and discomfort, in order to get us to focus on how “sad” we are rather than the One who gives us joy! Nehemiah 8:10Nehemiah 8:10
English: Contemporary English Version (1999) - CEV

10 Nehemiah told the people, “Enjoy your good food and wine and share some with those who didn't have anything to bring. Don't be sad! This is a special day for the Lord, and he will make you happy and strong.”

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reminds us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. That joy is the gladness in our hearts that comes from knowing and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that joy is fully based on our Savior, never on our situations. Never forget that no one can make you sad because joy is not a fruit of your circumstance. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit! So, make up your mind at the start of your day that nothing or no one that comes your way will interfere with your joy. Because the only way you can lose your joy, is if you choose to give it away.


  1. says

    The joy of the LORD is my strength!
    I believe that wholeheartedly…
    Our heavenly Father is my steadfast love and ever present help.
    Thank you for this morning devotional.
    Mary Free
    Farmers Branch, TX

  2. Pam white says

    Joy to me is my choice. I can choose to let others frustrate me or I can hear with my heart instead of my head. Lots of time we let our emotions get out of control causing us to not discern the pain of someone else. It’s a sad fact that when people hurt, they hurt others. But if we could look beyond the surface and see with our heart. No one can steal our Joy.

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