Don’t bury your dreams in the grave

Many times in life, we may think that our time has passed and that God can not step in and do a new thing in our lives.  But this is not so.  God says that nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37Luke 1:37English: Contemporary English Version (1999) – CEV37 Nothing is impossible for God!” .WP-Bible plugin).  We […]

Create His Vision for you in 2016!


If you want to achieve victory, you have to create a vision. Not only in one area, but create a vision in all areas. In the Bible, God says you have the ability to overcome everything (Romans 8:37Romans 8:37English: Contemporary English Version (1999) – CEV37 In everything we have won more than a victory because of Christ […]

If God doesn’t do anything else, He has done enough!


I was waiting in line yesterday to purchase my niece’s Christmas gift and standing behind me was a man hilariously complaining about his grandson and the number of tennis shoes he already has. His wife had him standing in line while she shopped for this particular pair their grandson wanted. He said, “He has more […]