Clean your inner beauty


I took a lot of time to get ready. I got up early to curl my hair so it was freshly done. I had my clothes picked out. I had on new shoes and a cute new vest. When I went out, I received many compliments and I felt really good! But when I came […]

Dealing with disappointments!

Dealing with disappointments!

In life, there will be moments when we will have to deal with disappointments. Whether it is an illness, loss of job, the death of a loved one, a failed dream, or a broken relationship, there are certain to be moments in our life where we feel as though we failed. But in these moments […]

Do it afraid!

Do it afraid nj

  Recently, I had a conversation with my student.  She wanted to know how I started doing some of the things I am doing these days.  I told her about some of my first moments on television and how nervous I was.  Astonished, she couldn’t believe it!  I stated not only was I super nervous, […]